5,000 Shrovetide figures invade Ashbourne parish church!

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St Oswald's in Ashbourne is now home to 5,000 clay figures, made by schoolchildren and visitors as part of the 'Our Game' project in the town.

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Bishop Jan writes...

If you live in Glossop, what does it mean for you that your Cathedral is in Derby?

And if you live in Church Gresley, how do you feel part of the same Diocese as those worshipping in Bolsover?

We are a huge diocese, as I know only too well when, as a newcomer, I managed to put two appointments in my diary on the same day - at opposite ends of the Diocese. And yet we gather around the same Bishop with Derby Cathedral as our mother church, and with a common concern for everyone in all the parishes which make up the Diocese of Derby.

The desire for us to understand more fully our common family bond has led the Bishops Council to agree to the production of a new Diocesan magazine. Under the editorship of our Communications Adviser, Lucy Harrison, our hope is that it will enable us all to learn more about each other, to share stories of things that have gone well, and to ponder together issues which affect us as we live at disciples of Jesus in Derbyshire and east Staffordshire.

The new magazine will be paid for through sponsorship and advertising and will be produced quarterly.

Each parish will receive copies to distribute to their congregations and leadership teams and we hope you will share with other members of your community

The first edition is due to be published in May. Do look out for it. We hope you’ll enjoy it, and that you’ll want to contribute articles and information to make it truly a family magazine.

Do let us know what you think! You can send comments through to together@derby.anglican.org

With every blessing for a thoughtful and prayerful Lent.

Bishop Jan

The Diocese of Derby

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