Bishop Libby Lane named as next Bishop of Derby

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The Rt Revd Libby Lane, currently the Suffragan Bishop of Stockport, will be the next Bishop of Derby, Downing Street has announced.

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Bishop of Repton Writes

Happy Birthday to Us!

Our Diocese is 90 years old!

I’ve been wondering what life was like when the Diocese was founded in 1927.

Recently I read this: “We are all grievously burdened with problems of administration, with

pastoral work or with the mechanism of a modern parish. With these incidentals absorbing

our time, we feel that something is wrong; some of us cry out that we should acquire a new

social programme… still others that we should reinstate the faith in modern terms.”

“That sounds familiar,” I thought. It was written in 1926!

Where, I wonder, will the Diocese be in 2107, in another 90 years time? Not many of us will

be here to know. But what legacy will be leave for our brothers and sisters to come?

This autumn each deanery is to meet with a member of the Bishop’s Senior Staff to think

about just that. Where are we now? Where are we going? What resources do we need? And

how can they best be deployed?

These are far from easy questions. But they do need to be addressed with a matter of

urgency. We need to acknowledge that the world around is changing rapidly, and if the

Church stands still it will be left behind. So simply doing what we’ve always done and hoping

others will join us isn’t really an option. We will need to be creative and innovative in our

thinking about what it means to be the Church in 2017.

For many of us this will involve a sense of loss and a grieving for what has been. Whatever

the church of the future will look like, it’s unlikely to look like the church of our past. For

many people that will involve a letting go. A sort of Good Friday.

But as Christians we believe in Resurrection. And once we have acknowledged that we need

to do a new thing, we can begin to look at where God might be leading us. Where are the

signs of new growth? What might we need to stop doing in order to follow God’s lead and

start putting our resources into areas of new life?

Most 90 year olds enjoy their birthday with a great cake, plenty of candles, a glass of

something fizzy, and their feet up.


We’re celebrating by asking, “What’s next?”


Happy Birthday!


The Rt Revd Jan McFarlane, Bishop of Repton

The Diocese of Derby

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