Welcome to the Parish Giving Scheme

The Diocese of Derby has joined a national planned giving scheme which aims to reduce the workload for parishes whilst increasing giving potential. 

We are launching the Parish Giving Scheme at three events across the Diocese


 Wednesday, 11 October at Buxton, St John the Baptist

St John's Road, Buxton SK17 6XG


Monday 16 October at Derby, St Augustine

Upperdale Road, Derby DE23 6BP


Each event starts ar 7.30pm, with refreshments available from 7pm and will end around 9.15pm. The events are aimed at Clergy, Churchwardens, Treasurers and Planned Giving Secretaries.                  

Please put one of the dates in your diary! 


Parish Giving Scheme Key Benefits

The Parish Giving Scheme is a modern and efficient way of managing planned giving to your church. Tried and tested, this scheme will:

  • Improve cash flow through the efficient reclaiming of Gift Aid
  • Overcome static giving with the option of donations automatically uplifted by inflation each year
  • Offer an opportunity for parishes to re-engage people in thinking about their own level of finacial generosity
  • Reduce the time your Treasurer and Gift Aid Secretairies need to spend on administration

How does the Parish Giving Scheme work?

The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) enables a planned giver to donate to any parish registered with the scheme. Donations can be made on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. They are collected by Direct Debit on the first day of the month. The donations are then passed on to the specific parish by the tenth of the month. The Gift Aid is then remitted to the parish once the PGS office has received the money from HMRC. The timing of the Gift Aid payment will accordingly vary each month. 

Here is what the process looks like. based on an example gift of £50 a month:

 Giving Cycle image


Managing inflation

One of the biggest challenges faced by many of our churches is that of 'static giving'. Churches like every organisation and household, are affected by inflation, eroding the value of your gifts. The Parish Giving Scheme makes it easy for doners to agree, in principle, to increase their donation in line with inflation each year. 


Encourage Giving and Generosity in your parish

As well as the benefits listed above, the introduction of such a scheme offers a clear and excellent opportunity to engage people in thinking about leveles of financial generosity.

We are recommending that a Church commits to a stewardship initiative when they join the Parish Giving Scheme.

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