Here you can find information about developing your churches mission through specific projects and initiatives within your immediate community and through engaging with wider networks and agendas. 

Jesus said “By their fruits you shall know them” and so Christian mission and witness combines both what we say and what we do. The Church and Christian faith is made credible when our actions can be seen as an authentic outworking of our faith.

The Gospel is expressed in practical acts of love meeting the real needs of local communities.

Approaches to community engagement  
Mission Action Planning is now well established across the Diocese and you can find out answers to any questions you may have by clicking here.

Stella Collishaw, Community Action Officer, through her knowledge of local and regional organisations can work with you to improve connections with your community to enable you to develop social justice focussed work.

Gareth Greenwood, Community Project Development Officer, can provide advice and support to you in the development of specific projects or initiatives.

They produce FIND newsletter.find click here

If you are looking to redevelop the use of your church building or hall, but aren’t sure what steps to take then there are a number of resources which will be of help.

Resources from DAC DAC

Crossing the Threshold – a Community Development approach to the use of Church Buildings Crossing the Threshold

Funding and grants  

Heritage Lottery Fund

BIG Lottery Grants

Church Urban Fund- Gareth Greenwood is the Diocesan link officer for CUF Church Urban Fund

Comic Relief Fund

News about funding and other resources [Find]


Funding Central

Networks & Research Links  
Themed work is ongoing in a number of areas.  Click on links below for more information:

Mental Health  


Credit Unions  

Partnership work led by Mothers Union campaigning on Domestic Abuse - contact Stella Collishaw or Wendy Fitch

Funding bodies

Project planning – Tools and resources  
Alongside the MAP resources we have a range of other tools that will be useful at any stage of planning a project, initiative or event from the early ideas stage to supporting or facilitating evaluation in your parish or Deanery.

We also value your contact where there are good stories we can share to inspire others.

Contact Us

Stella Collishaw – 01332 388685

Gareth Greenwood – 01332 388690

If you develop a community initiative it would assit referral agencies to list it in Derbyshire Community Directory. CVS staff have a scheme called vSpa where local people are supported to access voluntary sector opportunities. For your local contacts get in touch with Stella or Gareth.


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