UN rapporteur says UK poverty is a choice and contrary to British values. The UK is wealthy but a third of children live in poverty. See Report for detail written after a tour of UK November 2018.

Martin Lewis suggests no unnecessary presents this Christmas - and it could prevent other people being obliged into debt.

Citizens Advice have concerns despite budget boost to Universal Credit.

Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) give a critique of DWP response to Trussell Trust findings that in areas where Universal Credit is rolled out Foodbank use has risen 52% (compared to overall 13%). 

End Hunger UK are running a campaign to lobby for a fix of Universal Credit so it does as intended- offers a welfare safety net which encourages people to find work. Meanwhile, you can encourage people who receive DWP sanctions to tell their MP the circumstances and seek help with personal debt.

Illegal Money Lending Team successfully prosecute Chesterfield man.

Scamwatch in Derbyshire

The campaign is all about supporting partnerships nationally and locally to give consumers the skills and confidence to identify scams, share experiences and take action by reporting suspicious activity.

Scamwatch Derbyshire produce a regular newsletter alerting readers to scams occuring locally see Derbyshire scamwatch for details or see Facebook.

Find article Vulnerable unless Vigilant is ready for use in your own magazine in Publications section. 


Local Credit Unions- offering members the opportunity to save and take out affordable loans see Credit Unions


Help with debt and free financial advice



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