In an article on Universal Credit  from Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT)  the benefit of this system is contested- it is now rolling out in Derbyshire to families is UC working?  and JPIT also give a critique of DWP response to Trussell Trust findings that in areas where Universal Credit is rolled out Foodbank use has risen 52% (compared to overall 13%). Citizens Advice report Universal Credit may put financial stability at risk for the self employed.


The campaign is all about supporting partnerships nationally and locally to give consumers the skills and confidence to identify scams, share experiences and take action by reporting suspicious activity.

Scamwatch Derbyshire produce a regular newsletter see Derbyshire scamwatch for more details or email: click here to sign up. 

A scheme exists to get call blockers to people with dementia who may be targetted by criminals and scammers. Contact Trading Standards for information.

Find article Vulnerable unless Vigilant is ready for use in your own magazine in Publications section. 

Financial Abuse

Safer Derbyshire guidance see  community safety financial abuse page

Archbishop Justin has supported work on this theme including a training resource 'Guiding people to free debt advice'

Go to:Just Finance

Local Credit Unions- offering members the opportunity to save and take out affordable loans see Credit Unions
Help with debt and free financial advice
The relevant local agencies who can help are listed under 'where to go for help' at: In this county help can be accessed at a GP surgery.

A church of England/Church Urban Fund survey of church leaders (2014) found that 47% of Church of England parishes thought that debt was a significant or major problem for people in their parish, however only 17% had an organised activities to address these issues.What could your church do?

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