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Summary prepared for Diocesan Synod- see end of section

Getting help in a crisis see click here

East Midlands Suicide Awareness Project:

Offers half day awareness training or search Eventbrite for ‘Suicide awareness seminar’. This project is located at Rural Action Derbyshire (formerly Derbyshire Rural Community Council).

Mental Health First Aid

Courses are run nationally and local availability is listed at the School of Formation website - external organisations tab.

National Dementia Helpline: 0845 300 0336. On line support: Talking point

Alzheimers Society offer a course  'Dementia friends' which is recommended.  contact 01332 208845 web:   

  • A group of Diocesan clergy and laity, service users and carers have developed Christian quiet days aimed at improving wellbeing. It came from a discussion about what we could do to improve our own health and wellbeing. We intend to offer these events widely and encourage you to participate if you are new to quiet days and, if you are christian, or if not, to simply make space from the busy pace of life. People with no 'mental health concern' are always welcome. Local quiet days are listed on School of Formation pages of the website.


  • If you cannot take a day why not take a moment to slow down, be still, notice how you are feeling, listen to your breathing, take a moment to shut off the 'to do' list, sense with your spirit, find a prayer-like space without words, remain for a few moments, then sense the presence of God. You may choose to pray with us today  click here or use the prayer below


God of Compassion,

You meant us to be both fragile and ordinary.

Silence the voices that say we are not good enough,

Haven’t achieved enough,

Haven’t enough to show for our lives,

That we are not enough.

Help us to know that we are treasure,

We are prized,

We are cherished,

We are loved.


By you.

So be with us in our corrugations of feeling:

When our hearts are in downward freefall, be with us

When our minds race with anxiety, be with us

When our throats close in fear, be with us

When sleep will not come, be with us

When waking hurts, be with us.

In the name of Jesus,

Who knew trauma, abuse, despair and abandonment

And has nothing but love for us,


with permission by Alison Webster, Oxford Diocese



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