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Compiled by Revd Anette Love and produced and distributed monthly by the Communications Office. 

The Cycle of Prayer is published around the 20th of the month

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Cycle of Prayer - December 2018

Individual page version (8 pages)

Spread page / booklet version (4 pages)


Cycle of Prayer - November 2018

Individual page version (8 pages)

Spread page / booklet version (4 pages)


Previous months editions of Cycle of Prayer

Cycle of Prayer October 2018 - Full page version (8 pages)

Cycle of Prayer October 2018 - booklet version (4 pages)

Cycle of Prayer - September 2018

Cycle of Prayer - August 2018 

Cycle of Prayer - July 2018

Cycle of Prayer - June 2018 

Cycle of Prayer - May 2018

Our Diocese is published around the 20th of the month

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 JPEG Our Diocese pages are available on our Resource for Parish Magazine Ediors page.

Our Diocese - January 2019 - available by 19 December 2018

Our Diocese - December 2018

Our DIocese - November 2018 

Our Diocese - October 2018

Our Diocese - September 2018

Our Diocese - August 2018 

Our Diocese - July 2018

Our Diocese - June 2018

Our Diocese was not published in May 2018

Our Diocese - April 2018

Our Diocese - March 2018

Our Diocese - February 2018

Our Diocese - January 2018

Find newsletter is offered to inspire and support you and your church(es) in community engagement.

It is edited by Stella Collishaw with funding information from Gareth Greenwood.

Each edition includes:

• a leader article (which you are welcome to reproduce)

• news, events and resources 

• funding information

Latest article (November 2018)  from Gareth Greenwood.

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November article

Community Engagement: the catalyst that leads to genuine and effective evangelism and discipleship.


July 2018 article  Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation

Together Magazine is a full-colour, quarterly magazine with 10,000 copies distributed to churches, individuals, church leaders and congregations throughout the County of Derbyshire.

Packed full of high-quality content to engage our audience with thought-provoking, relevant and accessible material.

Together we can showcase the work of the Church in every community.

Please visit the Together Magazine page for more details, including how to subscribe for yout own copy delivered to your door.

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eNews - 4 December 2018

Special Christmas Events and Services eNews - 21 November 2018

eNews - 13 November 2018

E-news - 30 October 2018

E-news 16 October 2018

E-news 2 October 2018

E-news 18 September 2018

E-news 4 September 2018

E-news 21 August 2018

E-news 24 July 2018

E-news 10 July 2018

E-news 26 June 2018

E-news 12 June 2018

E-news 15 May 2018

E-news 1 May 2018

E-news 17 April 2018

E-news 20 March 2018

E-news 6 March 2018

Bishop Alastair's annual epiphany letter is available here. A small quantity of printed leaflets are available from the Bishop's office, please email 

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